The Takeover

I’m not sure I’ve actually shared any pictures of Loch yet, or even talked about him very much.  Here, have a Loch!



Loch came to me from Christine Kemper of Blackthorn German Shepherds.  After Mahler washed out (he is living very happily in another home, by the way), I had to renew the search for a new partner.  There was no way I could start with another puppy.  There just wasn’t enough time to wait and hope that a pup would work out, so I started looking at young adults.

It is only by pure dumb luck that I ended up with Loch, and I can’t thank Christine enough for him.  He’s a wonderful dog, and he definitely fits the bill for what I need.  He is intelligent, enthusiastic (understatement), eager to please, and he LOVES to learn.

He will have a lot more responsibilities than Strauss, as I’ve gotten worse over the last couple of years.  He already picks up many objects for me (we’re still struggling with credit cards), and we’re about to start training the bracing and counterbalance work.  His harness from Bold Lead Designs has recently been completed, I just need to finish paying for it.  I am hoping to have him ready to go by summer.  I just need to find somebody to administer a PAT.

I am very glad to have Loch here, and will try my best to update on his progress as we proceed.

Flail on,
 – Classical Spazz

~ by ClassicalSpazz on February 4, 2014.

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