Happy New Year

Welcome to 2014 dear readers.  This is year three of Twitch & Shout.  Wow….kinda surprised actually.  I know I did not blog the last two months, but there was not much to blog about.  Also wanted to wait and see if my quintessential stalker was going to quit skulking about.  Seems that they have.

I had my disability hearing on December 4th, and I believe it went well.  When I say “went well”, I mean I was able to accurately convey the difficulties in my everyday life, and the burden it puts on myself as well as my family and friends.  I was quite twitchy, and so by the time the hearing had ended, I was disoriented and incredibly tired.  I am still awaiting a decision, as the judge requested more medical records (not unusual), and one of my doctors is dragging his feet (of course).  Hopefully I will have a positive decision within the next month.

I have discovered that I really do not know myself all that well, and have decided to make 2014 a year of self discovery as it were.  It is frustrating to have people ask you things about yourself (you know, beyond questions you can answer factually) and not have an answer, or for the answer to change every time.  At 28 years old, you’d think I’d have a good grasp on who I am, but beyond knowing that I am a good person, I do not know who I really am.

Loch continues to excel in training, though we have had a setback with his retrieves.  The cause is unknown, but I am taking a few steps backwards with him, and rebuilding his confidence in the task.  Strauss is heading towards retirement, and it seems to be happily so, which makes me feel better.  The switch is difficult (which I will address in another post), but necessary. Strauss will be 10 in April, and it does seem like he is just about ready to be done, even though he still enjoys his work.

I have started making payments towards Loch’s new harness (Strauss’s is far too large for him), and I look forward to receiving it.  It will probably be a couple of months yet, but in the mean time I will be starting to teach him how to brace and counterbalance.  I am very proud of him, and grateful that he is mine.

Enjoy 2014, friends and remember:

Flail on,
– Classical Spazz

~ by ClassicalSpazz on January 2, 2014.

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