Oh hi

Hello all.  Hope you’ve not missed me too much.  It is hot out….incredibly hot.  This means that the yearly summer hell has started, and I have massive headaches and am overall exhausted from having constant twitchies.

While I have had much to share, I will admit that I have not written in the last month out of fear.  Fear that some certain person is out there, watching my words sticking her nose into things that are absolutely none of her business, simply because she has nothing better to do with her life.  She’s even admitted herself that she doesn’t like me, and yet she makes it a point to follow my writing (which I find creepy).

I have lived most of my life in fear of various things.  My bullies, my (sick) brother, failure.  I’m working hard not to let fear rule my life anymore, though it is exceptionally difficult.  Medication has certainly made moving forward with my personal growth easier, but, change requires more work than that (unfortunately).

I am working dogs, the same as I ever was, though with some difficulty.  Mahler, having washed out, has become a decent, if not noisy, pet.  He enjoys running about at the fairgrounds and soccer fields, and we work on impulse control work constantly in the hopes of helping his screaming.

I am working with a new dog, Loch, who is absolutely excelling in his newfound work.  We are slowly bonding, and he seems grateful to have something to do.  We have started our first bits of task training, and he is learning how to pick up objects.  We just recently moved from dumbbell to ladle, and he’s picking up consistently.  He doesn’t always look happy about it, but being praised for bringing me the object asked for always brightens his spirits.

He is a funny fellow.  Bright, attentive, and really just very silly.  He play bows at me frequently, and “dances” when we head out to the car to go train in town.  He just wants to be right and make me happy.  And he does it all without shrieking.

Adjusting to his size has been a bit difficult for me, as he is just 25″ tall (as compared to Moo’s 27″), and only weighs about 65 pounds.  He is perfectly capable of doing the work required of him, but it is strange taking out such a “small” dog.

Strauss’s harness, though adjustable, is much too large for him to wear for a full time working harness, so I will be ordering a new one from Katrina Boldry of Bold Lead Designs (I highly recommend her harnesses) designed especially for him.  It’ll cost a pretty penny, but it’ll be worth it to have my dog in correct gear, particularly since he will be learning harness work fairly soon.

I am working on getting a new neurologist (someone in Pittsburgh) in the hopes of getting more answers about what is up with my brain and why it goes “HAHAHA, bitch!  FUCK YOU!”  I am hoping it is not MS (tested once, was clear, trying again).  I really don’t think it is, but, you never know.

It’s starting to cool down, so it’s about time I load up the crew and head off for our daily run.

Flail on,
 – Cassical Spazz

~ by ClassicalSpazz on June 25, 2013.

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