Holler at Mahler: The long road

I have a puppy.  He is 9 months old, sable, sweet as all get out, and he is an absolute dick.  He digs holes in the yard, harasses the cat, eats the deck, screams in his crate if he’s left behind, and is an overall douchewaffle to the other dogs (except for Strauss, because you just DON’T POKE THE BEAR).

I love this puppy.

It is a very hard and frustrating thing to raise a puppy that started out as something you very much wanted and expected, and have it transform into this well-intentioned but clumsy, destructive, wolf beast.  In fact, it is overwhelming.

That does not mean I’m giving up on my puppy, nor does it mean that the only thing I’m frustrated with is him.  I’m frustrated with me, too.  I’m frustrated that I am alone with the dogs for the next 3-4 days with the dogs, and I have barely been able to walk, let alone train.  I cannot bend over without being in excruciating pain, which really puts a damper on things like driving, training, or even picking up things on the floor (Mahler’s training has not progressed that far yet).

Mahler is currently underexercised, which is partially noted by my lawn (though boredom isn’t ALL of it….dude just likes to dig).  It bothers me that I am currently not capable of doing more with him, but the fact is, I can’t right now.  I am looking into other options to get him moving more physically speaking, but until I find them, my yard is going to look like the face of the moon.

I do not know yet if Mahler will be able to do service work.  Based on his current behavior, the answer is no.  Based on his age, the answer is that it is too early to tell.  We are in the adolescent months now, and he’s acting like an idiot.  Hormones are raging, ADD is raising, and the space between his ears is emptier than ever.

I probably make this puppy sound like he’s Hitler’s dog incarnate.  He is not.  He’s just a puppy, different from the ones I’ve had before, another new experience.  They all are.

This is a long road to take.  It is soaked with tears, and sweat, and blood, and along the roadside the litter that resides would be my constant cursing as I try to make my way through the deluge of “What the fuck is THIS behavior!?”.  I’m hoping we’ll make it to the end of the journey together.

I want the end of that journey to result in Mahler proudly wearing the suave black harness that Strauss currently adorns.  There is no promise that that will be the end result, but I can hope that that will be it at the end of the long road.

Flail on,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on October 20, 2012.

One Response to “Holler at Mahler: The long road”

  1. Good luck! Thinking of you, and sending good-health and happy vibes — bzzt, bzzt.

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