Why I swear

I’ve been asked why I swear so much in my blog, and if I have to swear so much.  I thought about these questions for a short while, and came up with a deliciously simple answer.

I like to swear.

I had to wait a damn long time to use “dirty words”, and now that I can, I like to take the opportunity to use them where I feel necessary.  I know that many people feel that a person that uses curse words in lieu of more “high brow” language must be a simpleton, lacking in communication skills.

I call bullshit!

I know all sorts of words.  For fucks sake, I just used the word “lieu”, and I didn’t have to use a thesaurus to find a synonym for “instead” or a dictionary to define the word.  I just like to curse.  A lot.  It is frowned upon in “polite” society, so I throw foul language upside-down and sideways in my blog, which is MY personal space to write however I want.

This blog is meant for two things.  It is meant for me to have a pedestal to shout to/at the world from, so I don’t go stark raving fuck mad, and it is for people to learn to accept me for who I am, disabilities, foul mouth, and all.

Those who know me know I can avoid cursing with no issue when I am in polite company.  That’s no big deal.  When I’m in the company of friends, I can be pretty damn offensive.  I like hanging out with my friends because I can choose to curse or not, and I won’t offend anybody’s sensitive sensibilities.  It really annoys me as an adult that I can’t say whatever the hell I want.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, consequences and all that crap.  I guess it irks me because as a disabled person I’m already frowned at, stared at, pandered to, and ostracized.  I sometimes feel that my language skills and the way I choose to use them are the ONE thing that allow me any sort of normalcy.  I get consequences…I live with the consequences of my various issues everyday.

While it is not my intent to offend anybody, sometimes people reading this blog will be offended.  But you know what?  That’s not my problem.  I am a decent person with strong moral fiber and strong character.  And I will still happily drop an F bomb on my own blog whenever I damn well please.

Flail on,
 – Classical Spazz

(And to be clear, this was not a rant.  Sure was fucking fun to write, though!)


~ by ClassicalSpazz on September 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “Why I swear”

  1. You know I kind of think people who think people who swear do so because they are somehow less intelligent, are actually the ones who are stupid. Anyone smart enough to critically think about it, and use logic to reason through it, would know that swearing = stupid is a fallacy. There is a woman who thinks this in my mothers scrapbooking group and she actually told my mother she was surprised my mother was so smart since she apparently swears all the time there.

    So basically swearing = stupidity is one of the stupider things I’ve heard and us obviously an attempt by stupider people (since intelligent ones would realise the fallacy) to feel superior to others.

    Also I don’t think your blog has excessive swearing?

  2. Fuck yeah!!!

  3. Fuck, you hit the nail on the head. I love the word fuck when I’m angry…it really gets out the frustration I feel at the time.

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