On Wisconsin

I have not blogged in the last week and a half because I was busy with dogs, and preparing for a long overdue trip to Wisconsin.  I apologize for any spelling errors, and will proofread the best I can.  I have been struggling lately with spelling and misusing words (I think I am typing the correct word only to come back later and find I’ve written something similar, but different).

I have not been to my hometown since April of 2010, when I had heard that my brother passed away.  This time, I was going home just to visit family and friends.  It was something I really needed.

Unfortunately, my husband was unable to go with me, due to work, but I loaded up the Three M’s (Mouse, Mogwai, and Mahler) and we made our trek back to the great Midwest.  We stopped along the way for the usual potty time and a quick meal, and the dogs got some admiration from afar at each resting point.

There isn’t too much to say about my visit, beyond how incredibly wonderful and therapeutic my visit home was.  It was a “strangely familiar” sort of visit.  You know the kind.  You arrive at your childhood home, and stare at your neighborhood, smiling as little shadows of the past cloud your vision.

There’s the game of 500 in the street, the night games of Kick the Can, and Ghost in the Graveyard, the summertime barbecues and pool parties.  And then one of the neighborhood kids you grew up with walks by and waves, a child on his hip, or a fiancee on her arm, and you wonder where the time went.

I spent a good deal of time out in the backyard of the home I grew up in, sitting with Strauss and Mahler, and Mirada, by I found myself sitting there more for the memories of the trampoline, filled with children, sagging with their weight as they sat upon the stretched tarp, chatting and mowing down Cheetos.

I saw my dear college friends, Mitchy and Memphis, and wonderful Yahoodie, Socrates, and Gutter.  I saw other great friends from my childhood, went to kennel club (Oh! Kennel club <3) hung out with my sister, and spent some quality time with my mum (who I miss everyday and appreciate very much).  Maggie’s boyfriend kindly replaced my muffler for me, so now my van doesn’t sound so old, even though it’s over 200k miles now.

I’m hoping that our financial luck changes soon, as I most certainly would like to go home to Wisconsin at least once a year.

To my dear friends back home, I love you and miss you all.  Eat some cheese curds and tip a cow for me.

Flail on,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on August 7, 2012.

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