“I’m just giving you a hard time! Lighten up!”

On what planet is this funny?  Could somebody explain this to me, please?  How is it funny to cause me massive anxiety, make me feel as if I’ve done something wrong, or otherwise confuse the shit out of me until I don’t know which way is up?  Seriously, I would LOVE to know the humor behind giving me (or anybody else) a “hard time”.

I do not find it humorous or enjoyable to be thrown into an anxiety attack.  I do not enjoy being driven to tears because I legitimately do NOT understand that you are joking with me.  I do not think I am overreacting when I blow my top and you tell me to “lighten up” because you have just put me in *severe* discomfort.

As a disabled person, I face a lot of challenges every single day due to my various issues, and the last thing I need is people adding to those issues, and then flippantly dismissing my feelings as if nothing is wrong when I’m having a meltdown.  It’s not ok.  The fact that people think it is ok to treat me and others with anxiety issues in such a manner is nothing short of deplorable to me.

My tears are not “baby tears”.  I cry because my brain *does not comprehend* that you are “joking” when you say I’m a “Pain in the ass, and have been nothing but trouble”.  All I hear is you saying you don’t like me, and in my mind you are being sincere in your words.  Why would you say it otherwise?

So, I implore all of you out there that think giving people a hard time is amusing, let me in on the joke.  I’d looooooooooooooove to understand why it’s so hysterical to instill panic in a person.

Flail on,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on July 19, 2012.

One Response to ““I’m just giving you a hard time! Lighten up!””

  1. I get this one pulled on me a lot. And yeah, I pretty much want to cry.

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