Holler at Mahler: Who the fuck is Mahler? aka Lalalala I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!

Mahler has hit that stage in development where he has gone from being a dick, to being a super dick.  He has these ridiculously monstrous ears that he has decided he cannot hear me with.  I can call him, and sometimes I’ll get the slightest ear flick, but he will not turn and look at me, or otherwise acknowledge that I exist.

This, of course, means that I now get to be inconvenienced, because dude is being an asshole.  And yes, I am complaining about the inconvenience of having to stumble out into my yard, take my puppy by the collar, and bring him in the house manually, because I know he will not come.  Nobody likes to be inconvenienced, so if anybody is surprised by my complaining about it, you’re probably reading the wrong blog.

Strauss, to the best of my recollection, never went through this stage (and this is a totally normal stage) as a puppy .  He was actually a remarkably EASY puppy.  However, he turned into a dickweasel of an adult (lol).

Everybody knows that I ADORE my Mousedog, so don’t think my calling him a dickweasel is a negative bearing on him.  He and Mahler are just two very different dogs.  I can handle Strauss with no problem, but he isn’t an “easy” adult.  He has become more independent in his older age, and seems to be setting into the senior mindset of “I am a SENIOR CITIZEN!  I DO WHAT I WANT!!!”  In other words, Strauss is doing “Who the fuck is Strauss?!” at age 8, where as Mahler is doing “Who the fuck is Mahler!?” at 5 months.

I expect Mahler, once he gets it through his thick little skull that compliance to my wishes is just easier on everybody, will be the opposite of Strauss as a mature adult.  He is independent in many ways presently, but he does have an overall strong desire to be with me…he just needs to learn that it cannot be on his terms all the time.  If I leave him in the yard by himself, even if I am visible, he gets upset (“Y U NO TAKE ME WITH YOU!!?!?”), and he is very excited to see me when I come home from an errand with Mousedog.

Yes, his Dumboesque ears are going through some selective hearing at present, but once he matures, I have a feeling that he will be a highly attentive and highly intuitive dog.

The above, of course, is dependent on me not throwing him out of a window first.

Flail on,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on July 9, 2012.

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