Holler at Mahler: Come and Sit With Me

In the past couple of months I have learned that the reason my back always hurts is because spasms along my spine are forcing it to straighten.  I have also learned that I have arthritic changes happening in the same area.  The reason my neck and shoulder always hurts so much on my left side is because the spasms in my face cause my platysma muscle to constantly stretch.

The heatwave that has washed over PA has caused my back spasms and facial tics to increase.  I am exhausted, crabby, and have been feeling perpetually useless, as well as feeling a huge failure to Mahler, who not only needs to be trained more fervently, but has been dealing with his own (minor) health issue of pano.

The other day, exhausted and downtrodden, I took the Butter Bean out onto the back deck with me.  Nobody else, not even Strauss.  Just he and I.  Without thinking, I sat down on the deck and just played with my puppy for a couple of minutes, and, after a short time, Mahler walked away, grabbed himself a bone, and then came back to flop next to me.  He sighed, leaned against my thigh, a lazily chewed on the piece of offal.

I sat there in the shade with him, stroking his ears, playing with his feet, rubbing his muzzle, and all the while he haphazardly enjoyed his treat.  And as we sat in quiet repose, I had the realization that I had not sat with a puppy in this manner since Strauss was but an inkling of a Shepherd himself.  I found myself wondering why that was, and could not find an answer, but rather than fret over it, I hugged my puppy who stared into my eyes and wagged his little sable tail.

We rested out there for awhile longer until the heat overtook us both, and when I was ready to go inside, Mahler left his bone and followed without hesitation.  He sat next to me at the back door and looked up again, waiting for me to let him inside.  I had to smile a little.  Strauss did the same thing when he was a baby.  There is a lot of Strauss in Mahler, even though they aren’t related at all.

Strauss will still come and sit with me if I ask him to, and to this day I will still sit outside, just he and I, staring out into the road as we relax in the front yard.  But, hard as it is, Strauss is aging, and at some point, he will pass away.  It is just nice to know that when that time comes, there is another one there, ready and willing sit rest under my arm, head in my lap.

A dog that will come and sit with me.

Flail on,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on June 20, 2012.

One Response to “Holler at Mahler: Come and Sit With Me”

  1. A special pup to take over for a special dog…and all for a special lady. It’s moments like this, the reflective ones, that bring meaning to a life.

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