Chiropractors are also magic

Not for me, but for Straussdog.

Five or so months ago, Strauss started refusing to jump all the way onto the grooming table, or into the trunk end of my van.  He would put up his front and help me (giving a small jump) give him a boost, but he would not do it on his own.  He didn’t seem in pain or anything, and so I just chalked it up to him aging.

Fast forward a bit, and my other SD friend mentions that perhaps I should take Mouse to see a chiropractor.   I had considered it before, but not too strongly.  Not because I don’t believe in chiropractic (for skeletal issues, I definitely believe in it), but because I didn’t think it was necessary at the time.  It became glaringly apparent to me that it was necessary.  And so, with my friend’s help, we found Mousedog a chiropractor.

His first appointment was two weeks ago (and he actually has a follow up adjustment tomorrow).  He was all out of alignment (not a huge shock, since he’s participated in agility, flyball, and is an active mobility dog), and the chiro adjusted fifteen of his vertebrae, plus tied to realign his pelvis (his motion was off, particularly on his right side).  He also got a shot of Adequan (meant to help lubricate the joints).

The change in him was absolutely immediate. He was using his rear better as he gaited, he was willing to jump in the car, even his tail wagging seemed more dynamic.  It was abundantly clear that he felt BETTER.  As good as when he was 2?  No.  But better.  He had been whining for a few days prior to my scheduling an appointment for him, and while he really didn’t seem to be in pain, he was most likely experiencing a lot of discomfort.  That this discomfort was relieved with a simple spinal adjustment?  Astounding.

Strauss and I attended our first agility class since last year yesterday, and even there I was gobsmacked.  This is a dog that measured into the 24″ class for AKC agility, and ran it successfully when he was younger.  Last year, he was dropping 16″ bars.  It was partially that he was over threshold in drive, but he also could not get his rear up and over the jumps.

Last night, he did not drop a single bar.  Not.  One.  I’m not going to lie to y’all.  I nearly cried.  And not only did he not drop bars, he did not scream the entire class.  Yes, he still screamed a fair deal (his nickname ain’t Shrieky McGee for nothing), BUT he was actually able to quiet himself and return focus to me.  He was more controllable, and extremely FUN to work with, rather than frustrating.

Now, I know that some days he will just be a douche, and that’s how it’ll be (not every training session can be great), but with ONE chiro adjustment, there has been a change in this dog that is nothing short of remarkable.  Freer movement, strength returning to his rear, being comfortable where he’s sleeping, rather than shifting all over the place, or whining because he just can’t find “a good spot”.

For ANY of you out there that have dogs involved in sports, service dogs that seem to be slowing up before their time, or even those of you with senior pets I’d urge you to check out a chiro if you think your dog’s gait has gone off, or if they’re suddenly shifting or spinning more than they used to be while they’re trying to get comfortable for a nap.

Yes, dogs get old, and they get arthritis, and they get uncomfortable.  But….10 years of walks, or 7 years of hardcore hiking through the wilderness with your best bud, or 9 years worth of agility and flyball?  Lord knows my spine would be out of alignment.  Get your best buddies checked out, and see what you can do to improve their quality of life, young or old.

The difference in your dog may surprise you.

Flail on,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on May 23, 2012.

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