You really think that’s ok?!

There are so many things I find reprehensible in this world.

The lack of easily accessible health care in my home country, the fact that politicians value their salaries over the constituents they promised to care for, and that a man can gun down a young boy in the street for no other reason than being “suspicious”.  You know what else I find reprehensible?

People who pass off their pet dogs as service dogs for their own personal gain

It’s NOT ok.  Absolutely NOT ok.  And not only is it not ok, it is illegal!!!

I bust my ass every day (which is no easy feat, considering how often I fall these days), and I make sure that Strauss is well fed, exercised, and absolutely impeccably groomed.  This dog goes literally everywhere with me.  He has flown on planes, ridden on buses, he is frequently in restaurants and around open food in the grocery store.  He is in clothing stores, and malls.  He attends weddings, and graduations, and parties.

I have TRAINED my dog to a ridiculously high standard in order to be able to function in my every day life, and it makes me really god damn fucking salty when people think they not only have the right to stomp on all my hard work, but they add insult to injury by (proverbially) spitting in my fucking face because they don’t want to pay a pet fee to fly their animal, or they can’t find housing with their pets.

Y’know what?  Before Strauss was a service dog, he was a pet, and I was out on my own with him at one point.  Never ONCE did it occur to me to pass him off as a service dog to make things easier for myself to find housing.  I searched, and searched, and begged, and PLEADED with people so I could keep my damn dog, and I showed the landlords that I was a responsible owner, and that my dog was not a menace, and would not damage their property.

When it actually came time for me to admit that I needed physical aid in my life, I spent 12-18 months working with Strauss (after having to REALLY be convinced) to make sure he was safe for public access work.

I rely on this dog for my safety, and it disgusts me to my very core that people think it is acceptable to pass off their animal as something it is not to save money.  I do not condone those lies, and there is this horrendous, deep, dark, writhing mass of ugliness that WILL rear its ugly head if I hear about such behavior.

People faking service dogs undermines the legitimacy of those of us that have REAL working dogs.  It undermines the work that organizations and owner trainers put into these highly trained animals.  It undermines the very existence of service dogs.

It is a felony offense to impersonate a person with a disability, and/or to pass off a pet as a service dog.  This is punishable by massive fines and potentially imprisonment!

How about you show a little respect for the disabled, and the hard working dogs that allow them to live their lives with some sort of normalcy.  Have some damn decency.

Flail on,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on April 4, 2012.

One Response to “You really think that’s ok?!”

  1. Who do I need to hold you back from so you don’t hospitalize them before I get to chew then out?

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