A little bit of kindness

I have no blogged in twelve days, and it is not because I had nothing to blog about!  Unfortunately, my internet has been down.  In fact, it’s still down, and I am making a (potentially futile) daring attempt to blog while I have a brief window of connectivity.

Mahler is home, and I will be blogging about him tomorrow, but today, it’s about acts of kindness that are bestowed upon the Mousedog.

My husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary yesterday, and to celebrate, I had gone to Cold Stone Creamery to pick up the ice cream cakes I’d ordered.  It was a hot day, and Strauss was three days out of his most recent surgery (he had to have his hematoma repaired a second time, poor dude).  He was out working with me, and was feeling just fine, but because it was a hot day out, I figured he deserved some ice cream.

I got him a kid’s size serving of Sweet Cream, which the server kindly put in a slightly larger container for him.  I never allow Strauss to enjoy his treats in store (unless it’s a pet store), so I took him outside to the van to enjoy his noms while I waited for my own sundae to be prepared.  We sat in the back of the van for awhile, and I held the ice cream dish while Strauss slurped, indulging in Sweet Cream bliss.

When he had finished, I went back inside to enjoy my own treat (it was a Churro sundae, and I highly recommend it), and Mouse slept on the floor.  The cashier offered to just let me pay when we finished, and she took care of other customers and commented on how well behaved and beautiful Mouse was in the interim.  Comments like that are always appreciated.

When I’d finished and cleaned up my little area, I went to pay for our treats, and to my surprise, I was not charged for Strauss’s dish.  When I inquired as to why (I always ask, just to make sure it wasn’t accidentally missed), I was told that he was such a nice dog, and that he had earned it on such a hot day.  He deserved it.

That made me smile.  And though I could have (and was absolutely willing) paid for the ice cream, I took the kindness for what it was.  It was a very generous gesture, and, even after working with Strauss for so long, such generosity still surprises me at times.  I think that’s a good thing.  It means that I have not come to expect to be given things for free, just because I have Strauss, and it means that people want to be kind “just because”, and not because they expect to get anything from it.

I’ve had people bring a small cup of ice chips and a paper bowl for Strauss when we dine out in patio settings.  I do not ask for such (not unless I have a dire situation on my hands, which has only happened once), as it is my job to be sure my dog has been properly fed and watered prior to outings.  It is just people being nice.

A small cup of ice chips, a cookie to give him after we’ve departed a store, a small dish of free ice cream.  Those sweet gestures add up, and often times, especially on a particularly bad day, they restore my faith in humanity.  They renew the idea that sometimes a smile is all somebody wants from you.

It’s a good feeling.

Flail on,
 – Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on March 28, 2012.

One Response to “A little bit of kindness”

  1. Such a good boy! I bet he really enjoyed that special time with you. I keep a water boy in my truck at all times. I was inside the Cheesecake Factory once and they brought Munch a big bowl of water. He normally does not get anything, in a restaurant. The manager, said he was such a wonderful service dog and it was really hot outside, and he wanted to make sure he took care of “all his customers”!

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