A week late

No, no.  Not THAT!  There won’t be a war in my uterus for another weekish.  What is a week late is my post on the awesome time my husband and I had at Outback Steakhouse last weekend.

We decided to go out for dinner as a belated Valentine’s Day date, and after doing some quick shopping at Kohl’s, we arrived at Outback only to find there was an hour and a half wait (eesh).  We really didn’t want to go anywhere else, and we had a gift card (and a coupon for a free appetizer xD), so we decided to wait.

I’m sure you can surmise that since there was such a long wait, the place was packed.  If you did not surmise that, I don’t know what the hell you did think was causing the wait, but we were crammed in butt to gut in that restaurant.  Because of that, Strauss’s job was made more dangerous, as standing in that environment was not really an option, and laying on the floor requires maneuvering and heightened awareness.

This is where the awesome, sweet, kind, understanding, supportive husband comes in.

There was nowhere to sit, and one person (a patron, not staff) was being douchey about my dog, but we ignored him, and I got Strauss positioned out of the aisle and away from the traffic as much as possible.  Fabulous husband stood over Strauss’s head and made sure that nobody stepped on him or got to close.  I manned his body and made sure his feet remained tucked in.

At some point, the rude patron was paged as a table was available, and immediately I took the seat that opened up, stuffed Strauss under the seat (he’s always very agreeable about that), and relaxed a little bit, as he was now quite safe, out of harm’s way, and asleep under the seat.

Now, this all sounds quite mundane, but I am getting to the point.

The wait was so long that the manager had the hostess come around with appetizer samples to tide people over (read, entice them to stay)  The hostess always made sure that I got a sampler, and she was not at all afraid of my dog.  Though she did gush over him a bit much at one point, not once did she talk TO my dog.  She addressed me, and asked me questions about him that were perfectly acceptable and polite.  She was cautious not to step on him or interrupt him while he was lying quietly.

I appreciated that.

When we finally got our table, I got Strauss underneath, where he promptly went to sleep again, my husband always making sure his head was out of the aisle, both to keep Strauss safe, and to prevent a tripping hazard for the staff.  Our waiter, Zachary, was kind, speedy, and very professional during all of his interactions with us.  Aside from the initial viewing of Strauss, there was no acknowledgment from him that there was a dog in the restaurant.  Not even peeks under the table.

The manager was also going around the restaurant, saying hello to regulars, and thanking new faces for tolerating the wait.  He was crouched down on the floor and Strauss woke up and went to go sniff.  I told him to be a dead dog and put his head down, and he complied.  The manager commented “They told me there was a dog in the restaurant, but I didn’t believe them!”  What a great compliment (seriously)!  He had NO Idea WHERE in the restaurant the dog was, only that there was a dog (or so his employees had claimed, lol).  We had a brief chat about Strauss and what it is that he does, and at that point the manager shook our hands, thanked us for our business, and excused himself.

Shortly after that, we got our check, packed up our leftovers, and prepared to leave.  I called Mousedog out from under the table, and the only comment I got was from our waiter, who calmly said “I didn’t realize he was THAT big.  He’s a really nice dog.”  It made me smile.

This particular Outback was fantastic.  The service itself was excellent, but what really stood out for me was that I was not treated differently because my working animal was present.  I was not harassed, or pointed out, or annoyed.  I was delivered above and beyond the service paid for, and I left feeling like it was the best dinner I had in years.  The professionalism of everybody that interacted with us was extremely refreshing, and we will definitely return to that Outback!

Flail on,
 – Classical Spazz

~ by ClassicalSpazz on February 25, 2012.

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  1. You should give them a Google review! 😀

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