Finding your purpose

Last week I went on a bit of a tirade about dead dreams and the like.  That happens sometimes (tirades).  But it really did get me to thinking about some things in my life.  I considered that perhaps I didn’t need to give up my dream of breeding German Shepherd Dogs.  Rather, I just needed to reconsider the type of dog I want to breed.

When you are a “differently abled” person, the things you may have dreamed of at an earlier time in your life may no longer be possible, and so you must adjust your dreams accordingly.  Thanks to dogs like Strauss, and dogs like my friend L’s Grady and Caden, our lives are enriched, as we are able to be independent, productive members of society.  I’ve been considering breeding Shepherds for service dog work, as, lord knows it’s hard to find a GSD program dog without waiting lists, or needing to come up with tons of money for donations and what not.

This means that there are a lot of things I need to relearn (bloodlines in particular), which is ok by me.  It means that I am starting over, and am putting off my dream to have a litter with the Marcato name on it for another 5-10 years, but I think this is something that could be good for me, as long as I have help and guidance.

It has been hard to come to terms with the fact that I will never be a “somebody” the way I have envisioned since I was a little girl, but if I can give some child a glimmer of independence, or help a disabled adult realize that they CAN still do things on their own, and not always have to rely on the help of another human, well, I think that’s an honorable purpose.

I’ll always have a show line or two, I’m sure of that, and I’ll enjoy exhibiting them in conformation and various performance events, but perhaps Marcato is meant to go in a different direction breeding wise.

I don’t really know WHERE I’ll start, and probably won’t for awhile, but I’m hoping the path that takes me there is full of good learning experiences.

Flail on,
 – Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on December 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Finding your purpose”

  1. Perhaps we all need to let our callings come to us, rather than trying to hear what we want in the cosmos. I think breeding service dogs is an excellent way to be “somebody” important in the world. Rock on, woman.

  2. this is awesome!!

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