I have a problem

With a word.

This doesn’t usually come up, as I am really not politically correct.  I try to be polite, of course, but I generally do not take issue with words.  I hate political correctness really, and I feel it is a pox on our society.  I do not have the energy, nor feel the need to adjust my vocabulary to suit others.  Thus, I want to be very clear that the following is not a “movement” to end the use of the following word, but rather describe WHY it bothers me as an individual.

The obnoxious word of the day, iiiiiiiiiiissss (drum roll please!): DISABLED!!!

This word does not offend me, it annoys me.  Or, perhaps it is the way people use it that annoys me. 

I realize that it is important for the government to make a definition for this word in order to decide who to aid and who to screw over, but what “normal” people have done with this word pisses me off.  I am considered disabled, legally and medically (though it seems I am “not disabled enough” to receive disability).  Whatever.  Disability means a person has an issue that severely impacts their day to day life, and they need some sort of aid to lead a relatively normal life.

You know what disabled does NOT mean?  Disabled does NOT mean a person is completely incapable of caring for themselves!  Yes, adjustments need to be made in one’s life in order to survive like our “capable” brethren, but for fuck’s sake, we’re not simpletons!  The cognitively disabled may have trouble expressing emotions, or using words, or their hands, but they are, with aid, capable of living largely on their own, shopping, and finding someone to share their life with.

People like me with physical disabilities are capable of bathing ourselves, using the restroom, and eating without aid.

I get really tired of people staring at me, and judging me, whispering about me, because “she must not really be disabled” since, holy shit, I am FUNCTIONAL!

How about you pull your head out of your arse and realize that having a severe impairment doesn’t equate to being pathetic and completely reliant on others?

Flail on, and buzz off.
 – Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on November 29, 2011.

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