Fall is here

I didn’t realize how long I was going in between posts.  My apologies.

So fall is arriving, and I am happy and sad for it all at the same time.  I cannot tell that it is fall by the changing leaves (everything here is actually still quite green, thanks to a ton of rain), nor do I acknowledge it through all the neighbors lowering their lawn mowers a couple of settings in preparation for their pre winter mowing.  No, I can tell it is time for fall, because yesterday I punched the headboard of my bed, the wall in the bathroom, and, most unfortunately, the tile wall of the kitchen.

The great transition is here!  My “tiny tics” have lessened and have made way for the grandiose “Cirque de Flail!”, an epic show of random, unexpected, largely comical tics that often result in me hitting things, and at times, unfortunately (or maybe not so much, depending on who), people.

I love the colder weather, I do…but not so much the giant tics that result because of it.  When I was little, I referred to them as “cold shocks”.  I’d feel the rushing chill of the air, and rather than just shiver like a “normal” person, my arms would extend wildly, as if some cataclysmic affliction had fallen upon me, and after that brief moment, all would be well.

I learned at a young age to be sure to bring clothing to school that would keep me warm.  It was unpleasant to strike out so much.

I’ll probably expand more at a later date, but for now, I just wanted to be sure I wrote SOMETHING in this blog.  I do try to keep up with it.  I think perhaps that I will delve into some literature on TS, and see if there is a reason for the why the weather affects me so.

Until then, flail on in the crisp autumn air,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on September 16, 2011.

One Response to “Fall is here”

  1. cirque de flail — you’re so funny and smart that I have to love you!

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