The Naming

One thing I like to do, in order to make my TS more tolerable to live with, and to get people to laugh instead of staring at me like I’m the 100 headed Hydra, is to name all my various tics.  It seems to put people at ease, and, self deprecating or not, I find it to be quite hilarious myself.

If I’m really stressing out, I get my Stevie Wonder tic on.  I’ve got the hard blinking going, head weaving from side to side.  Man, bring in some clapping and a harmonica, and I’ll have it made.

My click tic is a good one.  I can’t quit clicking my tongue and I sound like I’m trying to get a horse to comply with something.  No idea what.  Just can’t stop clickin’.

The Epic Flail!  This one is my favorite for the name alone.  This is the tic that occurs when I’m too cold.  It is quick, brief, and the most likely to result in me punching somebody because they stood so close.  You don’t want to be punched?  Well then, don’t stand, don’t stand….don’t stand so close to me, dumbass.

The Barnyard Stomp I like the sound of, just because I think it could be the name of some hillbilly dance.  I actually don’t know what triggers this one.  It just happens, and I’ll stomp my foot for awhile (always the left one, never the right….weird, eh?).

The whurf usually happens in combination with the Epic Flail.  Hilarity usually ensues, as I am most often asked, “Did you just bark?”  The answer is….sort of.

Naming tics….fabulous past time.  Love it.

Flail on,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on August 8, 2011.

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