The disappearing twitchy

I disappear a lot.  Partially due to emotional exhaustion, partially due to boredom, and partially due to the fact that I am incredibly absent minded and just forget that this little space on the interwebz here r belonging to meh.  It happens.  It happens frequently, which I want to apologize for, but shouldn’t need to (it’s a part of myself I’ve been working on).

Closing on our house is on Wednesday, the 25th.  I CANNOT BELIEVE my husband and I are going to be homeowners.  Scares the shit out of me quite honestly.  And it has been more than enough to induce twitches of stressful joy.  It’s hysterical in a pathetic sort of way.

I kinda feel the desire to slip my way around at present, and as I skippity skip, I trippity trip.  But it doesn’t matter!  Because I own a house!  So when I crashity crash on my assity ass, I can get up, proudly declare “Just a little Tourette’s, that’s all!” and continue my skippity skipping until I crash again.

There are still some holes we’re trying to get taken care of….like the fact that The Basic School fucked up my husband’s orders so badly, we have NO movers.  That is correct….none.  I am absolutely convinced that the people in the office are fuckwits.  And when I discovered that because of THEIR mistake, I needed to work 10 times as hard to get things set for the move this Wednesday, I went into a fit of coprolalia and air punching that would have made a person think I was a member of Jersey Shore, making an ass of themselves in a local club.

Alas, I was not an idiotic Jersey Shore participant.  Rather, I was just a pissed off military wife that wanted to kick somebody square in the balls.

I would have blamed it on the Tourette’s.


~ by ClassicalSpazz on May 24, 2011.

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