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I was talking to an acquaintance on Facebook last night, and we were talking about our service dogs and disabilities.  He is deaf, and I am a twitchy.  I found myself asking him if he could ever “hear” music in his head, as, to the best of my knowledge, he has never been a hearing person.  I knew he understood the concept of music, but I really wondered what he “heard” within himself.  And that thought lead me to wonder what a blind person “sees” when they were not born sighted.  Such as if I asked them what blue was….were they able to picture a color in their head?  ANY color, even if that color was not blue (because they would have no concept of blue)?

The conversation progressed, and R told me about a team member on his high school football team who was deaf AND had Tourette’s.  They were having a signing conversation, and R could not figure out why the other kid kept flipping him off while they were having a discussion.

Now, we all know that in America, the middle finger means “Fuck you!”.  That in and of itself is not particularly interesting.  What WAS interesting to be (downright freaking FASCINATING!) was the fact that coprolialia (the swearing that most people think of when  you mention TS) seemed to have translated to signing!  Now, if he were a hearing person, he still could have been constantly flipping people the bird, however, it’s generally more likely that the hearing person would just SAY “fuck you”, even though they don’t actually mean it.

I found myself wondering today, what other tics he may have had, and if they were different because he was not a hearing person.  He would still have vocal tics (you have to, as it is one of the criteria for actually having Tourette’s), but  if he had been born deaf, having vocal tics that were words would be unlikely.  He would just make sounds.  So how else would his deafness affect his TS?

This post isn’t actually GOING anywhere, but I’ve been thinking about it ALL day.  This is something that really has my interest, and I think I may have to try and investigate more!

Flail on,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on May 9, 2011.

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