You have such a great attitude!

Ok.  Time out.  I need to call shenanigans here.

I hear quite frequently that I have a great attitude about having TS, and damn it, it’s bullshit!

Yes, I make jokes about it, yes, I just brush it off when a poorly timed twitch asserts itself, yes, I’m calm about if somebody brings up my spazziness.  But I’ve never felt it was a matter of attitude.  I feel it’s a matter of personality.

Something that has ALWAYS bothered me is when people tell others they have a bad attitude about something, and they need to change it.  To me that’s like telling somebody to change their personality.  There’s a REASON they don’t like doing something or dealing with something, and I think it’s pretty crappy and presumptuous to dismiss the way a person deals with an issue they’re having.

Pretending to enjoy something you do not enjoy does not change your attitude, it just makes everybody else around you happy while you’re still miserable, and I’m not cool with that.  And it should be OK that I’m not cool with that.  People don’t need to agree with me, but I’ve got a right to be pissy about something, just like they’ve got a right to dismiss my pissyness.

I “handle” having TS well because my general personality is witty, clever, and based in sarcastic or cynical remarks.  I’m not mad about having TS because I DO think it’s a funny disorder.  But I could just as easily be somebody that has a worse case than I actually do, and be mad about it all the time, and that would be the way it is.

I would not be upset at anybody that had a worse case than I did and expressed how much they thought having TS sucked.  That’s their prerogative, and that’s fine.

My personality has lead to my attitude about my TS, and even if my attitude was a sour one, that shouldn’t be any less valid than the way I deal with it now.

Flail on, with whatever attitude you have,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on February 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “You have such a great attitude!”

  1. Ah! The box opens for me! Just wanted to say that I love having permission to be my most pissed off self in public. Too long I’ve been squashing my personality. Hear me roar!

  2. I wish this had a like button.

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