Pfft, I’ve got nothing clever

The last few months I have been searching like mad for a new home for my husband, myself, and our four legged crew.  Needless to say (and yet I shall say it anyway) I have been incredibly busy because of that.  My days have been inundated with Trulia and Zillow searches, and realty agents that make me want to bash my head in with a sledgehammer.  And not one of those squeaky joke sledgehammers either.

A real one.

Also, last night and Monday involved the watching of the Westminster dog show.  There was no way I was missing that, so obviously blogging fell by the wayside.  I can’t say I’m sorry, because I’m not.  IT WAS WESTMINSTER PEOPLE!

I will update you all on the physical therapy session that I had on Monday.

I’m actually quite happy with how it went, and despite my being in pain AFTER the appointment, the pain during the appointment was non existent.  I got some stretches to do, and a latex free resistance band to help strengthen my rotator cuffs.  I learned that my degree of revolution to my right side is 90 degrees, and my degree of revolution to my left is 50 degrees (so I am indeed not faking…my range of motion IS notably limited).  I also learned that even though my left side is dominant, it is currently my WEAKER side.

What the hell, right?!

I have to admit that it didn’t come as a HUGE shocker to me, but it was wholly annoying.  I mean, I’m left handed, I’m left footed…sometimes I even swear I see better out of my left eye!  But it has been proven that my left side is all fracked up.

Damn it.

I’ll be continuing my therapy twice a week for the next couple of months, and we’ll see how I improve and progress.  My physical therapist is nice and knowledgeable, though I am her first Tourette’s patient (not a shocker).  All in all, it’ll be an interesting ride.

Flail on people.  I know I can’t help myself, so why should you?
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on February 16, 2011.

One Response to “Pfft, I’ve got nothing clever”

  1. I’m pretty sure my left arm/shoulder is stronger than my right because in high school I would tote around the heavy messenger bag with all my schoolbooks in it on the left shoulder. And again in college the big purse was on the left shoulder. Even now i have to carry purses on the left. The right just feels weird. (And I’m right handed.)

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