ZOMG, are you ok!?

The number of times I hear this in a day is absolutely astounding.  I hit things, I kick things, I trip over things, and most of the time, though they result in an “Ow! Damn it!” I’m perfectly fine.  I appreciate the concern, but I am fine.

Tonight at flyball class, I took a digger….my first one in front of this group of people.  It used to be I’d get terribly embarrassed, and would want to leave.  I am so used to it at this point, however, that I didn’t really think about it.  S was tugging on his rope, and so I simply told him “Go on!  Pull!”  He immediately switched his own thought process, and instead of tugging for his reward, he braced himself to pull and help me up.

Through all of this, people are yelling down at me “Are you ok!!?!?”  Indeed, I was quite alright.  That is the reason I have S, so I can get up without human aid.  He did his job.  I kinda wish more people would let him just do his job.  I appreciate the thought, but as I am not blind, S is not with me in stores and what not to SEE for me.  He is there to help me NOT fall over, and if I DO fall over, he is there to get me back on my feet.

If I am ever not ok, believe me, you will know it.  I’ll probably shout something like “NO I’M NOT OK!” or perhaps “I think my ankle is broken…again!”  In any event, just give me a second, and I’ll be back to doing whatever it was we were doing before I took an epic face plant.

That’s right, just let me flail on,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on February 12, 2011.

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