That’s just like, so cool man

I am a member of many different internet forums, and today on one of them, the discussion of legalizing marijuana came up.

Now, I will say first and foremost that while I do not use marijuana, never have, and am unlikely to ever engage in such activities.  That said, while the behavior of those that do indulge in the Mary Jane annoys me heavily (it’s one thing to laugh at Leo on that 70’s show, and another thing to try an converse with one), my experience has been that those stoned on weed are largely harmless.

In short…I’m all for legalizing it.

“Medicinal marijuana” has been legalized in a few states.  All you need is a card that says you use it for medicinal purposes, and voila, you’re up to your ears in reefer.

So what does marijuana have to do with a blog about Tourette’s?  Well, aside from helping cancer patients through chemo and radiation therapy by inducing the munchies and combating nausea, it has also been shown to help people with the twitchy twitchies!  People with severe tics have taken it upon themselves to literally dope up, and only use enough of it to ease and control their tics.  They become much more functional than they previously were, which means they are able to be productive members of society!

Studies on the effect of marijuana when used to treat Tourette’s is just being started, but thus far it seems that it may be a viable treatment in the future (with many fewer side effects than the uses of drugs such as clonadine and halperidol).

I have been high before, on medication prescribed to me by a licensed medical professional, and I really did not care for it.  I personally do not understand how people enjoy it, but they do, and at most they want to break out a bag of Funyuns and slug down Mountain Dew laced withe Reese’s Pieces.  Can there be adverse reactions?  Yes.  That can be said about any drug though.

Quite frankly, if there are people out there that are ok with being a little hazy for awhile, who the hell cares as long as it stops them from tripping, or cursing, or punching hard objects? I’d have to check on the statutes for the states that allow medicinal marijuana and what qualifies as a medicinal need (TS may not be included in such), but I think it’s very important to be aware how many can be HELPED by the stuff

Light up the ganja people!

That, or you can continue to flail on,
– Classical Spazz

Disclaimer: Please note that I do not encourage or condone illegal activities.  I’m just trying to “put it out there” that the legalization of marijuana for more than medicinal purposes can’t really hurt and definitely could help.


~ by ClassicalSpazz on February 1, 2011.

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