Just call me the black sheep

So my little bitch M and I had our first herding evaluation this past weekend, and I have to tell you that herding with Tourette’s is going to be an interesting endeavor.  Not only is my dog new to this sport, but I am too, and while one’s body is not terribly useful in herding (lots more is done with vocal commands), there is still that element of physicality.

As of right now, there really is no pressure on me or my dog to perform, as we are greenhorns :p  Eventually though, I will have to stop relying on the trainer and start working the dog on my own (that will not be for sometime).  This of course, is stressful, not probably not as hard on me as it is on the sheep who are being chased by some uppity predator that thinks she knows what she’s doing.

I also have to say that while sheep are cute, when your dog is chasing them around and they seem to be in fear for their lives, you kinda fear for your shins, and that induces all sorts of spasms.  Special spasms.  Spasms that MIMIC THE FUCKING SHEEP.  That’s right…I got nervous enough that I started stamping my damn feet.

The sheep didn’t seem to mind.  Maybe they thought I was one of them.  After all, I’ve not had my hair cut in a year (Oh lawdy do I need a trim!), and thus I undoubtedly look like one of their wooly brethren.  The black sheep that dresses funny.  An outcast.  Sad sad sad.

I can hardly wait to have a guide paddle in my own hand.  Forget about worrying I’ll smack the dog in a nervous conniption.  Those bloody sheep best be on the look out!

Flail on,
– Classical Spazz



~ by ClassicalSpazz on January 26, 2011.

One Response to “Just call me the black sheep”

  1. This made me lol. Literally.

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