You are such an inspiration!

Let’s get this straight now.  I am not an inspiration.  At least, I’m not an inspiration just because I have Tourette’s.

This is something that has always bothered me.  “Normal” people that think because I have an ailment (especially one that is disabling) I am automatically inspiring.  I swear that some of these people think I shit diamonds simply because I get out of bed every day.  It IS hard to get out of bed some days, sometimes because of pain, sometimes because I’m just feeling too effing lazy to get the hell up (or it’s friggin’ cold out)!

Check it out!  I vomit rainbows because I took my service dog and went out shopping with no other help!  What an inspiration!  I drove my car to Walmart and loaded up my cart with  mac n cheese and bacon!  ALRIGHT!  I AM AWESOME!  IN YO FACE NEUROLOGICAL SPASMS!!!!

I bleed liquid gold because I’m “brave” and show my face in public.  Especially at military functions where the potential of inadvertently insulting someone is pretty fucking high.

In the event that you, my loyal readers, haven’t gotten the gist of this post, my problem isn’t the fact that I’m inspirational.  It’s the fact that I’m not an inspiration because I’m an excellent writer, or talented pianist, or a hard working dog trainer.  It’s the fact that I could do NOTHING with myself and people would still find my inspiring because I get out of bed “in spite of having Tourette’s Syndrome”.  Others are defining me as someone to follow after because of a disorder I have, not because of anything I’ve done.

What’s inspiring about that?

Consider me an inspiration because I get off my duff and train my dogs beyond sit, down, and “DON’T YOU DARE GET INTO THAT GARBAGE GOD DAMN IT!!!!”.  Consider me inspiring because I am a talented musician.

But please, don’t let me inspire you simply because I have Tourette’s Syndrome.  I live with TS, not in spite of it.

Flail on,
– Classical Spazz


~ by ClassicalSpazz on January 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “You are such an inspiration!”

  1. Dude, imagine if you DID shit diamonds and bleed gold. You’d be set for life!

  2. I imagine shitting diamonds would be painful. I guess that’s why its such an inspiration.
    But I think I called your writing an inspiration. So I win.

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