An amusing muse

Just a random spew of words I was thinking about while driving around today 🙂

I’m sorry I kicked you, I’m sorry I hit you, I’m sorry you got punched in the nose.  Though, truth be told, if I may be so bold, I told you not to stand so close.

And I’m sorry I yelped, but it just can’t be helped, the room’s just a bit too cold.  I know you get tired of me being so wired, I do know it gets quite old.

I’m sorry I winked and thus made you think I had an interest in you at all, but I’m happily married and I’d prefer you not be carried to the hospital after a brawl.

I’m sorry your pastor thinks I’m such a disaster, since I yelled “FUCK!” in the midst of his prayer.  Though I’ve done much worse than let loose a curse in the silence of such holy air.

And oh, while we’re at it, that rabbit you had in the hutch way out in your yard?  Well, I kinda flailed and unintentionally nailed him and he’s feeling a little bit jarred.

He’ll be fine.

But the cat on the mat out in that old shack, well he didn’t fare so well.  I tripped on his tail and he bit me and wailed, and if he could, well, he’d damn me to hell.

I know that I spazz and I shake and I twitch, and cause a disturbance sometimes, but it’s not like I drool and act like a fool…well, maybe I do…sometimes (nothin’ to do with the Tourette’s though).

Although you may think that I’m on the brink of tears every time that I fall,
In spite of my plight and my daily fight, I’m not sorry I’ve got Tourette’s at all.


~ by ClassicalSpazz on January 14, 2011.

One Response to “An amusing muse”

  1. I LOVE it! What great writing, and a unique perspective on Tourette’s.

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